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35 Cities & 25,000 Guests

Why Power Spa?

Power Spa has head offices in Mumbai & strategic presence in 10 cities in India viz Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Aurangabad, Imphal, Kochi, Chandigarh.

Our Exclusive Mobile spa service has presence in weddings of India’s top industrialists such as Ambanis, Adanis, Ruias, Morakhias, Guptas, Munjals, Reddys (GVK) etc.

Any Location
We recreate the entire spa experience in your location

All Major Cities
Our services can be availed in all major cities of India

Customize Solution
We customize our solutions as per your need

Seated, Clothed & Non-Greasy
We offer spa therapies that are Seated, Clothed & Non Greasy

Our Mobile Spa Services

Proving a luxurious spa therapy to your invitees on an opening ceremony would enhance the first look of you as a company.
Spa services would not only revitalize your invitees and elite clients but also make them feel refreshed and relaxed.

Celebrating employee appreciation day or women’s day or any other special occasion. Make it an unforgettable day, by adding luxurious and rejuvenating spa therapies by Power Spa. Proving spa on these special days would make your employees feel good and would make them actively participate in other office works.

After a tough sports actives, make your employees feel special by providing relaxing and rejuvenation spa therapies. This would be an add on comforting activity to your Sports day event and would also make the employees happy.

Annual Day for any company is a massive celebration. It is basically to showcase the entire year’s progress. And you as a company would really want to make it special and make it a memorable one. So, book spa for your annual day now and make it an unforgettable one.

Add luminous glamour to your gala dinner, with our special Spa for Gala Dinner. This won’t only add grandness to your Dinner Night, but also make the celebration look high- flown.
So what are you waiting for!!

Productivity of the company depends merely on the efficiency of the employees. Treat them with our Spa for Employee Wellness, were we would provide calming spa session which would not only make your employee feel special, what also make them work with great enthusiasm.

Seminars are a new way of keeping everyone updated with technologies or new ideas and concepts. It usually tends to last for 3-4 hours with great mental focus. Help you invitees with Power Spa for some relaxation post a cogitate seminar.

Conferences are usually for a day to a week, where constant brainstorming takes place, to make decisions, talk about new ideas, etc. To create a comforting and relaxing environment for your guests. Invite us over, and let you guest get the most relaxing and warm experience.

Power Spa offers, Spa for MICE, where your clients or employees get a rejuvenating set of therapies. Inclusive of on-site chair massage, with a comforting set up and opulent experience. So call us to get the best deal and gift you client a peaceful experience.

Make your targeted audience feel the magic of majestic energy and relaxation through our Spa Therapy. This will help calm their minds and devote undivided attention to you and your company. This luxurious experience for your lead generation campaign will open an array of opportunities and will ensure its speedy growth!

Trade Show is a ground to showcase your business, while you foster and meet the other champians of the same field. Arranging a spa in a trade show would be an opulent feature and make you show grand. This will boost your relationship with other companies and you invites.

Who will not like to have a relaxing spa therapy after an energetic live concert? Conduct a concert and, add extra worth and eminence to your event with our Spa services. Make, your audience enjoy the concert with great enthusiasm and fun, with a relaxing and calming spa service.

Exhibitions are events where you as a company, get a chance to expand your business. Serve your customers and visitors with a relaxing spa therapy while you pitch about your company. This will make them feel special and give undivided attention to your company.

Organizing a product launch event? Make your event an unforgettable and successful one why arranging spa services for your guests and media. Knowing there is a spa organized at the end of the event, would keep your guest internet in your pitch. They will feel special and also help you to boost the connection with them.

Imagine having a Spa being gifted to you. Unbelievable right? You’d be so much more interested in listening to what the brand has to say and what their trying to advocate. Isn’t that a commendable way to promote your brand? That is exactly why, We, at Power Spa have special spas just for brand promotions.

Throwing a Holi party? How cool will it be to experience the luxury of a relaxing and rejuvenating service after the fun-filled colourful celebration? If a spa is what you’re looking for, for your guests, look no further! Powers Spa provides mobile spas for all types of events pan India!

So, it’s your anniversary and you’re planning to throw an exuberant, over the top party. Power spa has remarkable and extraordinary packages for your anniversary party. Let’s get your guests to experience in improving health, beauty and relaxation through our lavish and extravagant personal care treatments.

Power Spa delivers it’s unique and ideal packages for various events. Do you want to bid your guests at your Christmas party with a joyous and soul enriching experience? Contact us today for bookings and experience majestic luxury like never before!

New Year’s is bidding goodbye to the previous year, and welcoming the new year with great energy and enthusiasm. De-stress yourself and enter new years with great calm. Serve your guests at party with our spa services and relax yourself with our luminous therapies.

Gone are those days, when kitty parties were all about playing games, gossips, followed by lunch or dinner with a lucky draw chosen at the end of the party. Ladies, now host a party with some relaxing on-site luxurious spa therapy. There is a bouquet of therapies you can choose or customize it according to you.

Pool parties are a fun way to come out of the routine life and have some fun. What if, a relaxing and stress- free spa service is attached to this fun. Sounds great, right? So, contact us now and enjoy the Best Spa Service in town and add a pleasant experience to you Pool Party.

The birthday celebration is a joyful day in anyways. The presence of all the loved ones at the celebration and wishing good luck for the future make the celebration special. Why not make it unforgettable by an incandescent spa service by Power Spa. Add a glimpse of Spa at your birthday, and break the monotonous celebration.

Reception is a grand function, where the newlyweds, make their first public appearance. There are friends and relatives gathered to give blessing to the newlywed couples. Make your special day superfluous with our Spa services. Give that extra to your guests and relatives and make the reception, the most unforgettable wedding function.

Barrat is a function, where the groom’s family and relatives come to the wedding venue with loads of dance. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to serves a relaxing and calming luxurious spa therapy? This will not only make the wedding grand but also, make relatives feel more warmth and love.

Mehandi is another exciting pre-wedding function. And a Spa therapy during this function for your lovely and beautiful guest would add extra glitter to the entire function. Your guests and relatives would feel special and enjoy the function with more enthusiasm.

Sangeet is the most happening pre-wedding function where both the families meet, greet each other and dance. And of course after energetic dance performances in sangeet, who would not want to have a relaxing foot massage therapy. Spa for sangeet it the best way you can make your guest feel warmer and welcoming.


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